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Fertilizing your lawn is one of the most important steps to keeping your yard green, full and lush. Our team of turf specialists ensure that proper timing of fertilizer application combined with the proper nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, and iron rates give you the best lawn on the block. Fertilizer application timings in central Iowa should be early spring, early summer, late summer, and early fall. 

Weed Control

Weeds such as dandelions, creeping charlie, trefoil, wild violet, crabgrass and foxtail plague central Iowa lawns year after year. Tebock's Landscape is changing that and providing lawn weed control options for central Iowa lawns. We handle crabgrass preventer in spring and have the ability to spray weeds all growing season. Spring and early summer are  the best times to control dandelions, wild violet, crabgrass and foxtail while fall is the best time to control creeping charlie.


Aeration is one of the most important items to complete for you lawn every year. Aeration loosens the soil which allows water and nutrients to get down to the grass root zone. Aeration is the process of cutting and removing multiple small holes (about .75 inches wide and 2-4 inches deep) in each square foot of your lawn. These holes then fill back in over the course of a couple of weeks. In addition to providing water, nutrients, and air to the grass roots,  aeration is also a method of dethatching. Aeration  removes thatch from the under canopy of the grass. Thatch is a buildup of dead and decomposing lawn clippings that create a barrier from water reaching the soil, such as a thatch roof respells water from a house.

Slit Seeding

Slit seeding is a method of rejuvenating your lawn with new grass seed. Genetics are the basis of plant biology. Seeding your yard every year incorporates new plant genetics into your lawn. These new genetics can help your yard become disease resistant and drought tolerant. Slit seeding is a machine that uses knives to cut grooves in the soil which the seed falls into on the back of the machine. Slit seeding ensures that the seed makes contact with the soil which is essential for the new seedling to sprout and grow.  Slit seeding also works as a method of dethatching as well but is not nearly as harmful as a dethatching machine.

Grub Control

Grubs are one of the most common insects in Iowa which damage lawns. Grubs are small little white larva which complete their lifecycle and turn into Japanese beetles. Grub control should be applied to  Iowa lawns during the summer months right before the larva hatch into adult Japanese beetles. This ensures that as the beetles mate and lay their eggs back in the soil, the eggs wont hatch or the eggs that do hatch will die. If left uncontrolled, the larva can eat the root systems of the grass causing permeant damage leaving bare spots in your lawn.

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