Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce


The Ambassadors are the welcoming arm of the Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce and provide networking and support to our business community!



The Chamber Ambassador Program is a member outreach and mentoring program designed to involve and inform new members. Ambassadors are volunteers who, on behalf of the Chamber, make good will-calls to encourage strong continuing membership and active support of Chamber programs.

Ambassadors assist in membership retention by mentoring new Chamber members regularly to relay information, indentify their concerns and help them feel welcome and comfortable at Chamber events.

Ambassador's Job Description:

  • Provide a one-year or more commitment to the Ambassador program
  • Help retain new members by mentoring at least three new members per year
  • Facilitate communication between the Chamber board of directors and Chamber membership. Information received from new members goes to the board through reports submitted during the year for each new member contacted
  • Personally "network" for fellow Chamber members by promoting their products and services to current and new members
  • Attend Chamber functions as often as possible
  • Attend monthly meetings at the Chamber on the third Wednesday at 11:15 AM or 4:00 PM
  • Help increase membership by contacting new leads throughout the year

Benefits of Being a Chamber Ambassador:

  • Obtain a good knowledge of Chamber programs
  • Meet business leaders for potential business and social contacts
  • Obtain an insider's perspective of the Ankeny Area business community
  • Exposure to the Chamber business community

Request an Ambassador

If you recently joined the Chamber and are not accustomed to the busy networking scene, we invite you to use the Ambassadors to your advantage. Nearly 30 Ambassadors stand ready to talk about Chamber programs and services and introduce you to fellow Chamber members.

To request an Ambassador for an upcoming Chamber program or event, please call 515-964-0685 or email us.

To view a calendar of upcoming events, visit Events Calendar.