Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce


Welcome to the Business Community of Ankeny, Iowa.

The Business Community of Ankeny is over 825 members strong. The business leaders in Ankeny work together to make doing business in Ankeny easy and successful. If you are in need of an attorney, accountant, tax specialist, Realtor or Banker; the Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce is here to connect you with a variety of professionals to get your business started. Once your business has started there are professionals in the area who will help you with promotions, connections, and opportunities to grow your business.

The Business Connect Committee of the Ankeny Chamber is here to help you get connected with others who will support you and help your business grow.
The Public Affairs Committee of the Ankeny Chamber is working for you weekly with elected officials in Ankeny. This committee also works with elected officials on a national level making sure Ankeny, Iowa is on their radar as improvements and legislation is needed.

The Ambassador Committee is eager to welcome you by providing a ribbon cutting and other networking activities to introduce you to others who are your potential customer.

The Ankeny Young Professionals are happy to give energetic networking opportunities to your employees who may be new to the business community. This fun committee is welcoming and supportive.

The Board of Directors of the Ankeny Area Chamber work together monthly to provide committees, events, policies and actions to improve and enhance the business community of Ankeny.

As you begin a new business or expand an existing business the Ankeny Area Chamber of Commerce is here to assist you!